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C/C++ Programmer
PT. Swamedia InformatikaBandung

Develop application using C/C++ Language
Maintaning and improving product knowledge based
Identity opportunities to fine-tune and optimize application
Implement tools, business process and reports to enable resources capacity planning, test system, utilization and performance reporting
Coordinate with other teams and stakeholders


Mandatory Skills:
OOP for C++, Structure for C and/or Perl Programming
Read/Write large files technic
Database Connection Technic using OCI/OCCI for Oracle
Threadding Technic
Object Oriented Analysist and UML

At least Diploma, Bachelor Degree in informatioan technology or equivalent
At least 1 year of working in the related fields is required
Willing to learn new technology in software development
Fast learner and good analytic skill
Able to work in a team
Willing to assigned in some project within and/or outside Bandung