Website Programmer

Trio Digital Agency
  • Together with some of the most brilliant designers and programmers in the field, you will develop feature-rich and highly interactive websites and web applications.
  • At a senior level, you will also analyse project requirements and infrastructures.
  • Internship position also available for those who wish to learn on the job.
  • Ability to work with graphic designers or from mockups to quickly prototype interactive web experiences and iterate on user experience.
  • Minimum 1 – 2 years experience, with a bachelor’s degree in related field.
  • Experience with any of the following programming languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby, PHP, C++.
  • Experience with MVC framework and SOAP.
  • Placement in Surabaya.
Soft requirements (not required, but preferrable):
  • Some years of experience with many or all of these aspects of web-based software development.
  • Knowledge of Test Driven Development and use of code repositories such as GIT.
  • Experience creating rich interactive sites including dynamic content loading, rich graphical effects, and animations and transitions with web standards technologies.
  • Experience in building responsive websites.